Обман продавца с просьбой написать на почту. Мошенники прикидываются иностранцами.

Некто Сергей Новиков, личным сообщением на авито, попросил написать на адрес мошенника vyuliya66@gmail.com

Transport Agent «Olabode Olawale»
City : Ibadan
Zip Code: 23402
Country : Nigeria

Далее через почту у меня спросили сумму товара в USD. После указанной мною суммы покупатель из Нигерии добавил еще 120$ за перевод.
Якобы выслали оплату + деньги за отправку через Credit Europe Bank Ltd на мою карту.
С почтового адреса Credit Europe Bank Ltd® пришло сообщение
о поступивших деньгах.
Деньги на карту так и не упали!
Из слов покупателя я понял, что они должны будут упасть после получения посылки. Т.е. якобы на данный момент их просто удерживает банк.

Образцы писем, которые приходили:
I’m glad you know that I have just completed the payment for the item and I’m sure you must have received confirmation from the Bank for the payment, the goods would be picked up by my pick up agent company {Ship-it Cargo Company} that I’ve been using for a while and they are very reliable. Note: I did extra payment of 120$ and I’m sure you noticed, you will need to send the extra amount for the shipping company through Money gram right away, and pick up agent may come as soon as possible. I need you to send the excess back to get my seat grab agent which usually confirm any commission payment through Money gram office, pick Headquarters Information Agent required to send money through Money gram :

Name:Olabode Olawale
City: Ibadan
ZipCode: 23402
Country: Nigeria

it is very easy to transfer the money, click this link so you can transfer money in http://global.moneygram.com/ru/ru …. You should send the money soon …. for the agent to take would be scheduled and you would know when the agent would start …. So just make sure to send the extra amount for the shipping company immediately so you can get your money immediately. It’s good to do business.

Еще одно:

You have received amount of $ 370.00 USD from Yuliya via Credit Europe Bank Service

We’ve placed a temporary hold on the funds of this transaction

As mentioned in the receipt of Payment and as per New bank Payment policy, we have fully debited the total amount (above) from the buyer’s Bank account which included the Transport/Delivery Charges.

In order to complete this transaction and get the funds approved into your bank account. You have to make payment for the delivery agent in advance through MONEY TRANSFER, by sending the delivery charges of $ 120.00 USD to the Transport Agent and get back to us with the Money Gram details and as soon as we receive the Money Gram details from you,full payment will be credited on your bank account.

NOTE: This is important as a security measure to ensure safety of this transaction.

Transport Company Agent

Transport Agent «Olabode Olawale»
City : Ibadan
Zip Code: 23402
Country : Nigeria

Your Account will be credited as soon as you have completed the payment for the delivery agent and provide us with the information bellow :

(1) Sender’s Name;
(2) Receiver’s Name;
(3) Reference Number;
(4) Amount Sent;
(5) Money Gram Receipt

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